Daisy Polk Inn

The historic bed and breakfast in the heart of Dallas' Oaklawn neighborhood

Daisy Polk Inn - The historic bed and breakfast in the heart of Dallas' Oaklawn neighborhood.

Dallas, like most young American cities, has a tremendous sprawl but, as Dallas is located in Texas, the sprawl is larger than normal.  Don't fear there are many ways to get around town and they're all fairly easy.

  • DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) is a very good and inexpensive alternative for many trips. A local day pass for the entire DART system costs $5 and a regional day pass that includes Fort Worth and Denton systems is $10.
  • McKinney Ave. Trolley (M-Line) is perfect for moving around through Uptown and downtown neighborhoods.  These are vintage streetcars brought to Dallas from around the world.  In fact, the oldest car "Rosie" was built for Lisbon, Portugal and is the same age as the main house of the inn, over a century old, at this point. It is a part of the overall DART transit service but it's completely free to ride and is all volunteer run and maintained.
  • Walking is very nice in Dallas for much of the year, including summer if you don't mind the heat, and walking from the inn to the Arts District downtown is about 40 minutes at a leisurely pace. 
  • Rental cars can be acquired at both local airports and as an added convenience we happen to have an Enterprise rental office 3 blocks from the inn.
  • Zipcar rentals are available at various locations around town.
  • Bike rentals are available through various bike shops around town and also through Dallas City Tour.
  • Uber is always an app away and very inexpensive for short trips in the Oaklawn area.
  • Taxis are readily available and we recommend Cowboy Cab/Ranger Cab for their superior customer service.