Daisy Polk Inn

The historic bed and breakfast in the heart of Dallas' Oaklawn neighborhood

Daisy Polk Inn - The historic bed and breakfast in the heart of Dallas' Oaklawn neighborhood.

Á la carte   Breakfast   at   The   Daisy   Polk   Inn

~ Eggs/Oeufs/Huevos ~

    Savory Scrambled - light and fluffy with sauteed garlic, fresh thyme & parmesan Reggiano

    Fried - served Sunny side up, Over easy or Over hard

             Vegetable - with sauteed spinach, broccoli, onion, roasted red pepper & truffle oil
             Cheese - with 3 local artisanal cheeses plus a kiss of parmesan Reggiano
             Meat - with sausage

    Oeufs en cocotte(shirred eggs) - Gently baked in organic butter and almontillado sherry

~ Meats/Viandes/Carnes ~

    Bacon - Uncured, applewood smoked and lightly candied with organic cane brown sugar

    Canadian Bacon - Browned in organic butter with thyme and fresh cracked pepper

    Sausage - Loose sausage with just a hint of spicy heat

~ Breads/Pains/Panes ~

    Organic Oat & Sourdough Pancakes - Served with organic maple syrup and Irish butter

    Organic Oat & Sourdough Waffles - Served with organic maple syrup and Irish butter

    Organic House Made Muffins - Can be made gluten free if requested ahead

    New Orleans French Toast - Made with toasted challah and a splash of bourbon served with organic maple syrup

    Organic House Made Scones - Toasted pecan and cardamom, served with Irish butter and apricot jam

    Organic Old-Fashioned Southern Biscuits - Flaky, rich and served with Irish butter and your choice of jam or local honey

    Simply Toast
              Organic breads, your choice of:
                      Whole wheat

~ Everything Else ~

    Organic Oatmeal - Steel cut oats with a little cinnamon and brown sugar

    Organic “Sexy” Grits - Cooked in milk with 3 local artisan cheeses

    Organic Southern Corn Pone - Crispy and golden corn cakes drizzled with organic blackstrap molasses like Daisy used to make ‘em

    Organic Yogurt - Plain      or     Flavored

    Organic Fruits - A mix of various fruit subject to seasonal availability

~ Beverages/Boissons/Bebidas ~

    Juice -      Orange       Pomegranate       Apple
    House Coffee -      High Octane    and      Unleaded

    Teas/Teasans - We offer a wide assortment of both caffeinated and decaf

    Milk -        Whole White        Chocolate
    Chocolat de Paris
        Taken straight from the bistros of Paris and Madrid.  Made with whole milk and 62% cacao, dark chocolate.


Photography by Michael Napier.
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